Anything Goes

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Is being happy a real secret? Or is being happy a choice? Making yourself happy is not hard work, it is fun work. To work towards the joy of smiling and having no worries, even if it is just for the moment is worth it. Smiling is the best exercise for your face muscles. To accept where you are in your happiness is a huge decision. That means that you are claiming your feelings. Claiming your happiness everyday. Open your eyes knowing that you will smile even if it is just for the day.That’s fine too.




S’mores makes people happy, they are gooey and sticky and sweet.  Friendships make people happy because they provide a since of security. Love makes some people happy because its warm and fuzzy. When you smile it opens doors to peoples hearts. Having sex makes plenty of people happy!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX….WE WOULD BE A HAPPY WORLD!!! Trying new recipes can put a smile on someone’s face and others if it turns out well.  Playing sports or watching them can give anyone joy. Like myself, I can watch football all day and be just as happy. Having a calm relationship that is trustworthy and peaceful can make you happy. My 3 children give me much joy, but they can also push me all the way to the edge.

Enjoy your life the best way you know how and when you look at yourself and your smile you will know HAPPINESS….


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