April 25, 2016 changed my life…

    Just like any other day, I woke up and got my children off to school. Being tired I decided to lay back down for another hour. My phone rang and when I answered I never thought I would hear the news that I did. Let me back up a little….I was previously in the hospital for 9 days April 14-April 21st. When I was discharged they gave me a bogus diagnosis of a UTI and Dehydraytion, I did not believe that was what the problem really was. On mymlast day there theybdid 1 more blood test but the results would not be available for a few days. NOW the phone call was from the infectious disease doc that was treating me in the hospital. He gave me the results of the test which said I was positive for Lupus. I was crushed, shocked, scared, mad, but relieved. When I say relieved I mean that I was tired of question ing what was wrong with me. Why was I always tored? Why was my muscles and joints always hurting? Why would I break out when I wanted to enjoy a sunny day? All of these questions were answered with a 5 minute call. Now the question is ‘what’s next?’ Stay tuned…..



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