Raimno Unicthorns journey

Once upon a there was a rainbow person named Raimno. There also was this other person that was a unicorn named Unicthorn. Raimno was trying an abandon spell and it backfired. Raimno turned into a REAL rainbow. Raimno got teleported somewhere. He was in a BEAUTIFUL plain. It had purple,blue,yellow,pink and a lot more colored flowers. He tried moving but he couldn’t. He tried concentrating to see if he had any “powers”. What happened surprised him. “what happened?!” Unicthorn and Raimno say in unison. What happened was that Unicthorn turned into a pegasus (a unicorn with wings). He looked at Raimno “WHAT DID YOU DO” Unicthorn said,  “Looked dude calm down I accidentally did this to you and myself.” Unicthorn looked at him and sighed “hey look on the bright side most pegasus don’t have a horn” Raimno said ” yeah yeah whateves lets figure out a way to change back”  Unicthorn said. After hours of searching, they finally find a village. They go there and ask for help but no one knew  how to help until….one person knew and said “Find the short leprechaun in green and take one of his golden coins. Peel off the “gold” wrapper and eat the chocolate,  you should turn back to normal” The guy said. We went exploring again then in the grass we saw a green top hat with black around the lower part and a gold buckle. We went over and a LEPRECHAUN DRESSED IN GREEN WAS SLEEPING!! We went over and we each took one gold piece of chocolate, he woke up but we were taller so he could not get us. We took off the wrapper and ate the chocolate after that everything disappeared. Then we woke up but Unicthorn was not there. But Raimno did not worry about that. “Was that all just a dream………. phew”

—-Back with Unicthorn—-

“Was that all just a dream….. phew”


-Signed by her 9 year old daughter Meryna Flamez


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