When you think life has counted you out with all the trials that come withbit, you want to give up. Right now things just are not working out as planned. Im a single mother of the WONDERFUL children and Im unemployed. My oldest is beginning college next week, my middle son is beginning high school and my Princess is going to 4th grade (also check her story out that she wrote call Ramino. Is on my page… 😜) . My demeanor has always been very free spirited and forgiving. At the age of 40 thats about to STOP!!! Anything that I go through my kids should be affected in any way. They should not even know about my struggle. 

Im here at my son’s college trying to get him   settled with housing. his financial aid  kept getting held up he missed out on on-campus housing. Now Im struggling with trying to figure out how I can pay his off campus rent. He has not shown this much interest in school ‘EVER’ and I don’t want him to lose that drive that he has ‘at this moment’…. How can I find out about school grants? Scholarships? Anything that can help….

My oldest son went away to When schools begin’s on Tuesday August 23rd, we will be back on the grind. 



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